The Silent Killers in Your Home

Is your baby suffering from rashes, allergies and frequent runny nose?

This could be caused by millions of invisible bacteria, allergens, dust mites, flakes, dead skin cells, etc. that has built up over the years in your home!

Do you know that the chemicals in household cleaning detergents do more harm to your family than good?

Household cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to health. Many of these chemicals are carcinogens and is a health risk to your whole family, especially the vulnerable little ones.

Do you know that your baby is exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis that could be absorbed through skin contact or fumes?

Shockingly, these supposedly “safe” new baby mattress, crib, changing pads, and even toys contain dangerous chemicals, carcinogens and asthmagens like formaldehyde, phthalates, lead and cadmium!


Totalfort Solutions

Reduce those visits to the doctor with Totalfort. Protect your child from long term health risks by eliminating bacteria and harmful toxic substances from your home. Your child is worth your investment!

Superheated 180°C DRY STEAM

Kills bacteria, allergens and dust mites instantly! No residue left on your home surfaces. 100% non-toxic. Safe and effective method, unlike wet steam that leaves traces of moisture which encourages fungi growth.

Nanotechnology Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) Coating

Breaks down and kills 99.99% of bacteria in seconds upon exposure to sunlight. Tests have shown bacteria count dropping below 50 (clean room standard). This self-cleaning Photocatalyst Coating lasts for a year, acting as a protective surface against contaminants and allergens, and protects your family day after day!

Focus on being HUMAN-SAFE

What Is Human-safe? 95% of our approaches use less than 1% chemicals* We have a comprehensive range of innovative cleaning, disinfecting and other environmental solutions that deliver results without releasing harmful toxins into your environment. Our expertise and targeted applications help us to achieve this.
* Chemicals defined as those harmful to humans. This approach only refers to our residential services. Commercial services may utilise industrial chemicals to control infestation.

Protect Your Loved Ones Today with TOTALFORT!

Our Credentials


For over 37 years, the team behind Envirofort has been providing non-toxic solutions to eliminate bacteria, allergens & pests in challenging & sensitive environments like food manufacturing facilities. Now, we bring this proven track record & adapt it for your homes.

We helped sanitise the environment at Tan Tock Seng hospital after the SARS incident

We count international companies such as Meiji, Nissin, Prima, Takashimaya, ExxonMobil, & many more.

Tiffany & Co

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